Chenango County Suicide Prevention Coalition 


“To increase awareness and mobilize the community for suicide prevention”



The Myths

 The Facts

 Suicide is not that common.

 Approximately 40,000 people die by suicide every year in the United States, on average, one suicide every 13 mintues. In 2010, suicide was the 10th leading cause of death in the US.

 Suicide is unpreventable.

 Most people who think about suicide do not actually want to die, they want help to end the pain they are feeling. Reaching out to someone you think is suicidal could actually help them.

 Suicide is upredictable.

 About 80% of people who die by suicide express their intentions to one or more individuals before attempting.

 Talking about suicide will make a suicidal person more likely to go through with it.

 Talking about suicide will not make a person more likely to go through with it. Social support is known to lower suicide risk, not raise it.

 People who talk about suicide are just looking for attention.

    Most people who attempt suicide give some sort of warning, and talking about wanting to die may indeed be an indicator that someone is contemplating suicide. 

 Suicide is the easy way out.

 Suicide is mentally, emotionally, and physically painful.

Suicide Statistics in Chenango County